Phosphates in Swimming Pools


05 Jan Phosphates in Swimming Pools

Phosphate is a natural component of most swimmer wastes.

It is also present in rainwater, lawn and garden fertilizers, vegetation, municipal water, and cosmetic items on bathers.

For all of these reasons, pools can quickly build up high phosphate levels.

This creates an abundant and tasty food source for all strains of algae, and can make controlling their growth difficult.

Remove the food, and you have a strong weapon against algae.

Phosphate is persistent and does not break down naturally.

When excess phosphate is present in a swimming pool, the symptoms often include the following:

  • Cloudy, Green Water
  • Slippery and Slimy Surfaces
  • Mustard and Green Colored Debris
  • Excessive Chemical Consumption
  • Poor Water Quality



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