Bubbles in the return flow


29 Jun Bubbles in the return flow

  • If there is a strainer with loose cover or a damage gasket, check and replace the cover or gasket as necessary.
  • The pool water level may be too low, allowing air to mix with water through the skimmer. In this case, raise the water level.
  • The skimmer weir, sometimes called the flapper, may be stuck in the up position, allowing air to mix with water in the suction line.
  • There can be a leak at any connection in the suction piping or a leak inside any suction side valve at the stem O-ring.
  • There may be a leak in the suction side underground piping caused by a loose joint, tree roots damaging plumbing, or pest (such as termites or ants) that chew into flexible piping.
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